Frequently Asked Questions

1) When is it time to consider moving into a “skilled nursing facility”?

When evaluating a senior it’s important to look at the ADL list because it will touch on points when nursing homecare could be required:

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2) May we bring food into the facility?

Yes, food may be brought in from outside of the facility for your loved ones. We would ask that any opened food be kept in a sealed storage container. Small “dorm room” size refrigerators are allowed in the resident rooms. Family members are in charge of making sure the unit is in proper functioning.

3) What are the visiting hours?

Cherokee County Nursing and Rehab does not have set visiting hours. We view this facility as the “home” of each resident. We would ask that if visiting on evening and weekends that noise levels be kept at an appropriate level as they would be in your own home.

4) Can residents leave with their families? Can residents stay overnight with their families?

Yes, most residents are free to come and go with their family members. We do ask that you sign your loved one in and out at the nurse’s station. Also, please make sure and give the facility as much advanced notice as possible so we may better support in any travel. Additionally, no resident that is currently receiving Medicare Part A benefits is allowed to be out of the building overnight due to government regulation.



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